I need to let God be the Shepherd

Psalm 23

What does it mean to be a sheep?

While meditating on Psalm 23, I suddenly had a mental picture of a sheep.  The sheep was standing next to the shepherd with his own little staff, pretending to be a shepherd himself.  It was a pretty ridiculous mental picture.  Yet… how often in my life have I done this?

I understand many of the different identity images presented in the Bible – that of a servant, a son, a warrior.  But what about this image of being a sheep?  What is this image of having no ability to care for myself or do anything useful apart from the shepherd?

For years I have been so involved in helping God out that I have forgotten this: God doesn’t need my help.  In fact, I am pretty much useless to Him if I try to figure out my direction or lead others in a direction that He has not indicated.  Every action that I perform should be a response to an action that He is performing.  I need to lie down and rest after He has led me to do so.  I need to walk through the valley with out fear because He is with me.

Can I break my old habits?  Can I stop running here and there long enough to see the new things that He wants to give me?  Can I stop being the organizer long enough to discern His will to touch people’s hearts around me?

God, I want these new things.  I want to hear You in new and deeper ways.  I don’t want to just seek out the next direction. I want to seek Your heart.




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